The Pro-Business Launch Session

Reveal Your Leadership Style and the complementary style of your Executive Assistant

Receive your 50 Page Report and Debrief PLUS an analysis of your perfect assistant.

Your Executive Assistant will be a rock star when they are matched to complement you naturally.

Fail Proof Hiring uses Behavior and Motivations Assessments to first understand your behavior and motivations and match your prospective assistant before you hire... before you even interview.

This online, Behavior and Motivations Leadership Assessment that will reveal in a comprehensive 50+ page report your Leadership behavior, motivations and style.

We then follow that with a personal, one-on-one, hour-long debrief with Ruth Schwartz, a business coaching professional.  In this session, Ruth will answer your questions and reveal insights into your behavior as a leader and how you can leverage your strengths and weaknesses to find the right person to assist you in the areas you choose.



The cost of the report and debrief is only $195. Once you receive your personal report and debrief and you decide to get your Perfect Executive Assistant, we will credit the cost of the debrief.

Understanding behaviors and motivations assures a better hire, every time.

  • Hi I’m Ruth Schwartz. If you have decided to tolerate working alone, redoing work or being frustrated with incompetent  assistance, it is time for you to get the assistant you deserve. If you want to discuss your situation or know more about how our system works, 

    Let’s talk!   530 802-2075

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