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If you want to hire well, ask yourself this SECRET question:

What is the true BEHAVIOR of the job I want to fill?

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fade-leftfade-rightThe Job Behavior Profile is a Game Changer

You May Have Good People in the Wrong Jobs

  • Turnover costs a company up to 300 percent of the position’s annual salary.  The longer it takes to recognize, coach, develop, and then remove an employee, the more you have spent.

  • The small amount of time it takes to create a profile pays off handsomely in terms of turnover and happiness. Simply stated, it puts the right person in the right job.

Truth: We Hire for Skills but Fire for Behavior

  • Our outdated system of collecting resumes (work history) and interviewing (speed dating) doesn’t work. We don’t have enough information. In the end, we make our best guess and wonder why it isn’t working out.

  • With the Job Behavior Profile you will Define and Prioritize the Behavior that will work best as well as Define Key Accountablities, Skills,  and Desired Attitudes and Values. Now you can hire with precision.

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