Hire for Skills AND Behavior to Get the Employee You Need Not the One You'll Settle For.

Is This Your Hiring System?

Write and place ads

Read and sort resumes

Call to set up interviews

Interview unqualified candidates

Talk to people you don’t want to talk to

Do reference checks

Make a gut decision

This is a MASSIVE waste of time

What Are Your Options?

  • Temp Agencies

    Typically 25 percent of salary- no benchmarks, no behavior or attitude assessments. Price tag…$800-1000 month

  • Headhunters

    50 percent of annual salary. Expensive – may or may not screen, benchmark or use assessments. Price tag..$ 25,000 +

  • HR Professionals

    $50 + per hour for each hire. No benchmarks, assessments or automated screening. $ price tag… $3500

  • Online platforms

    Time consuming, do it yourself hiring. Cost equals your time or your staff time. No automated screening or benchmarks – assessments are extra. $250 annual fee.

What is the Fail Proof Hiring Program?

  • The Job Behavior Profile

    Define key accountabilities

    Define skills needed

    Define behaviors needed

    Clarify desired attitudes and values

  • The Automated Hiring Blueprint

    An automated screen where candidates:

    Follow directions

    Manage simple software and technology

    Show the skills necessary for your job

  • Employee Behavior Blueprint

    Use DISC Behavior Assessments to determine if an applicant’s behavior style matches the job profile.

  • Added Benefits:



    Pipeline Creator

    Eliminate Panic Hiring

    Stop Shopping for Rock Stars

Have the Fail Proof Hiring Program set up for you and Meet the Right Candidate for your job, NOW

Here is what you get:

Job Benchmark ( $495 value)

A Leadership Focus Session and Assessment ($195 value)

Automated Hiring Blueprint ( $995 value)

Up to five Trimetrix assessments: ($650 value)

Pre-screening your best candidates ( $3545 value)

Hiring consultations with your team ($1895 value)

A total value of $7800

We will do all of this for you, the whole package, until you hire the employee of your dreams.  And you get a hiring system to use over and over again - for only $3495.00

PS: We will teach you how to use your new system too!

Get Started NowHire The Right Employee, Now

You pay the set up fee and  I guarantee that if we are unable to find you a suitable candidate, one that causes you jump up and down for joy to hire, you will pay nothing more. I guarantee it. 


Your personal leadership Trimetrix assessment and focus session is included in the price. But if you want to just take a peak and buy the assessment, you can do that too. If you decide to buy the hiring package later, we will deduct the price of the assessment

Curious about whether this will work for you and your business?  We totally understand.  Let’s talk!   530 802-2075 , ruth@highperformanceadvocates.com