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 Your PERFECT Assistant

Have you Ever Had These Experiences?

Hired a friend or neighbor only to have to fire them? Awkward!

Been frustrated by an assistant who does sloppy work?

Have an assistant embarrasses you in front of customers?

Hired a Virtual Assistant who doesn't speak English or understand time zones?

Stop explaining instructions because, "they don't get it"?


This is a MASSIVE waste of time

We developed this program for any business owner or executive who doesn't have the time or the patience to worry about the details and would prefer an expert to hire their assistant for them.

Even if you have other employees, this is a very special position, your right hand, possibly your #2. Don't waste your time, money and sanity hiring the wrong person.

We've hired dozens of assistants: Local and Virtual. Full Time and Part Time. Admin and Marketing. Male and Female. Young and Mature. We are a personalized matchmaking DONE FOR YOU service.

We have developed our signature process designed to find assistants who enjoy the work, prove that they know how to do the work, and show us that they will work hard, JUST TO GET THE JOB. Imagine how great they are when they actually start working for you.

This is HOW we do it:

  • Pro-Leadership Launch Session

    We get you up and running in around an hour with our Pro-Leadership Launch Session. You gain clarity with your 50+ Page Behaviors and Motivators report and a  personal discovery session where we determine your behavior style,  your assistant’s complementary style and create a  job benchmark.

  • Unique Automation

    We write all your advertisements, web pages, job descriptions and screening questions. We have an automated  process that will screen your candidates for the specific skills you need and the technology that is important to you. We monitor the entire process while you do other things.

  • Candidate Behavior Blueprint

    We phone or video prescreen your best candidates and use Behavior and Motivations  assessments to determine if an applicant’s behavior style matches your  job benchmark. Then we gather all the materials to report to you, set up your interviews, consult and stay with you until you hire.

What are your other options?

  • Temp agencies

    Typically 25 percent of salary- no benchmarks, no behavior or attitude assessments. Price tag…$800-1000 month. Result: ????

  • Outsource Platforms

    Either pay up to $50 per hour or pay less off shore. No benchmarks, no behavior or attitude assessments. Great for small projects. Not great as a #2. Results: ?????

  • HR Professionals

    $50 + per hour for each hire. No benchmarks, assessments or automated screening. $ price tag… $3500. Results: ?????

  • Do It Yourself

    Turnover costs a company from 50% to 250% of annual salary. You can spend your time, use your gut instincts, save a little money. Results: ??????

Ready to Get This Done?

Let us get started, do it for you and meet your assistant, NOW.


Here is the value of what you get:

Job Benchmark ( $495 value)

Unique Automation ( $995 value)

Candidate Assessments: ($1475 value)

Pre-screening your best candidates ( $3545 value)

Hiring consultation ($1895 value)

A total value of $8000

Even though we know this service should cost $8000, we are so efficient and effective at it that we will do all of it -the whole package – for only $1495.00

Get Started NowHire The Right Assistant, This Week

I guarantee that if we are unable to find you a suitable candidate, one that causes you jump up and down for joy to hire, we will promptly refund all of your money.