Stop Guessing: Save Time and Automate Your Hiring Process.

You Have All Of the Tools You Need

By using the tools you already have, you can create an automated screening process that allows your job candidate to show you their behavior before you interview.


Do you want employees who can follow simple instructions and really want to work at your company?

Screen your candidates automatically, without your effort, using tools that you already have.

What is the System?

  • Instruction #1 - Send a Resume

    After reviewing your job description on your own webpage, your applicant is asked to send their resume to a dedicated email address.

  • Instruction #2 - Writing Samples

    After they send a resume, they are directed to an online survey to fill in five interview, essay questions.

  • Instruction #3 - Complete a Skills Quiz

    You candidate completes a Skills Quiz relevant to the job for which they are applying. Don’t let them tell you what they can do. Let them show you what they can do.

  • Automation is Efficient

    Since only 20% of your applicants will follow instructions, you will ELIMINATE 80% of the time you spend reviewing and talking with candidates. That is a lot of toads you don’t kiss!

  • More Comfortable and Productive Interviews

    Some consultants will tell you that it is all about interviewing better. We disagree. Uncomfortable speed dating is not the answer. More information  puts everyone at ease.

Added Benefits

  • Evergreen

    Use it over and over again.

  • Create a Pipeline

    Meet worthy candidates all the time.

  • Eliminate Panic Hiring

    Stop hiring ” warm bodies.”

  • Stop Shopping for Rock Stars

    Everyone is a rock star when they are well suited to their job.

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Step #3:  The Behavior Profile:   Learn how to Match your Job Profile to a Personal Behavior Profile