Audio Visual Technical Manager

A/V  Technical Manager

Media Systems Group, Monterey’s premier audio/visual communications systems, and creative multimedia facilities design company has a full time position responsible for working with our customers to manage and coordinate great events.

You can use your Audio Visual technical skills expertise to direct:

  • Audio Visual installation procedures
  • Scheduling and coordination
  • Equipment setup & room setup procedures
  • System functional planning
  • Troubleshooting under pressure
  • Supply ordering and recommendations
  • Coordination of vendors and equipment delivery
  • Integration with internal staff, third party vendors, and clients.

Essential Job Functions

  1. Responding to event support requests and attending event planning meetings with clients.
  2. The ability to setup, operate and remove audio visual equipment based on client needs.
  3. Equipment rack operation, equipment configuration and connection including, but not limited to: CD players, DVD players, VCRs, Laptop’s, mixers, wireless and wired microphones, amplifiers, audio/video distribution hardware.
  4. Flat screen, video projector and screen setup/configuration and proper wire handling procedures.
  5. Utilize third party resources when necessary to achieve client goals.
  6. Self manage on-going ordering of needed equipment and supplies, process supply purchase orders, and other event related coordination required.
  7. Ability to have a flexible schedule working after hours and/or weekends as needed.
  8. Ability to work without direct supervision, remain self motivated, and keep busy when not actively staffing event needs.
  9. Responsible for creating, developing and implementing procedural policies consistent with job functions.
  10. Excellent communication skills: verbal and written
  11.   Computer knowledge and experience with Internet, e-mail and accounting programs.

Typical Physical Demands:

Climb ladders; operate hand tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, drills, soldering iron and various test equipment. Lift up to 50 lbs., operates a personal computer, ability to drive an automobile.

Knowledge of Related Equipment:

Soldering iron, connector crimpers, pliers, screwdrivers, various saws, drills, telephone, video conference equipment, cell phone, personal computers, fax, copy machines, slide projectors, overhead projectors, video projectors, video monitors, disc players, audio tape players, CD players, wireless microphone systems, audio mixers, handheld microphones, etc.

Salary DOE, Full Time – no “as needed”, Healthcare 2 Weeks Sick/2 Weeks Vacation Annually

If this sounds like fun to you,then follow these three steps to apply:

    1.    Send your resume to:     

    2.    Click Here to proceed to our Job Survey.  

    3.    At the end of the survey you will see the link to a required short Skills Quiz

You will not be considered until you complete these three application steps.