You've Hired the Perfect Person. Now What?

Are you ready to do what it takes to keep and develop great employees?

If you are like most business owners you have accomplished some of or none of the following:

Employment Agreement

Policies, Procedures and Non-Negotiables

Onboarding Orientation and Integration

Training Plan

Professional Success Plan

Team Development Plan

Evaluation Plan

Compensation and Benefit Plan

Internal Communication Plan

Leadership Pipeline

This is a MASSIVE amount of work!

We understand the effort it takes to create a great internal employee communications and training system. That is why High Performance Advocates and Fail Proof Hiring are happy to provide you with a 6 Month Hiring After Care Program , AKA The HPA Employee Success Program to make sure that your new hires stick and become contributing partners in your business.

We know that many businesses that use our hiring system, while vastly improving their selection process, may still not be able to keep their employee for more than 12 months. We want to give you the edge in your business by improving all of your internal communication and employment systems to create a high performing business where people stay and line up to work with you.

What Are Your Options?

  • HR Company

    If you went to an HR firm, you’d pay per hour and you still will only get your compliance materials and some training.

  • Do It Yourself

    If you do it yourself, you will accomplish this at the speed of… well, your current speed.

  • Online platforms

    If you use online platforms and training you will not have the personal attention to your unique culture, employees and situation.

Ready to Get This Done?

For the next six months we will work side by side with you, your team and your new hire to be sure that your systems and planning are working at their peak.


What is The HPA Employee Success Program?

  • Review

    A comprehensive review of your existing employment systems.

  • Plan

    A Strategy Session to prioritize your 6 Month After Care – Employee Success Plan.

  • Implement

    Two monthly, 75 minute sessions to use as you like with you, your team, or your employee.

  • Added Benefits:

    Team Building

    Happier Employees

    More free time for you

That's twelve sessions (personal or group) , the comprehensive review and the six month strategy plan. That's such a bargain that it is crazy.

Here's the great news. This program is only $3500 for the entire six months. AND if you are a graduate of Fail Proof Hiring Program, you get this six month program for an unbelievable discount, $2900 for the entire six months.

Get Started NowEmployee After Care - Your Own Success Plan

 I guarantee that if you are unhappy with your review and your strategy, we will refund your money before implementation. We guarantee it.