Hiring is the Definition of Insanity!

Revolutionize Your Hiring System

 This 3 Step Program helps organizations who need more employees or want better employees to discover a New Way to Hire and End Turnover Turmoil.

Will Your Group Benefit from Learning a New Way to Hire?

In this fast paced, informative, live or virtual, presentation, Ruth can help your audience save time, money and their sanity with easy actionable steps. 

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Fail Proof Hiring is a Game Changer

Ruth developed this program by working with dozens of small companies just like your audience to solve the problem that they face: hiring for skills, firing for behavior and facing thousands of dollars in turn over costs and priceless amounts of aggravation.

By consistently presenting this topic both live and virtually, Ruth has been able to distill the program into an entertaining, informative and actionable presentation that has enthralled most business owners.

Ruth is able to use audience participation on a topic that they are intimate with, to give them all the information they need to make actionable changes, right away. This is not fluffy entertainment or a sales pitch.

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??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????"We were thrilled to have invited Ruth Schwartz to present two breakout sessions at our recent eGovLIVE Conference, "Its not you. Its the Hiring System that's Flawed", and "Behavior Assessments Make Better Teams." Not only did she have a lot of unique expertise on these topics that our conference attendees resonated with, she was a captivating speaker that connected well. Both sessions allowed for participation and plenty of Q&A. We'd love to bring her back to present again. " - David Adkins, Director of Subscriber Services, Emerald Data Solutions, eGovLIVE Conference

client21"We were thrilled to have invited Ruth Schwartz to present, "Its not you. Its the Hiring System that's Flawed", as a breakout session at our recent COSE Annual Small Business Conference. The attendees of that session were engrossed by both the unique material that challenged their thinking and by Ruth's compelling and inclusive presentation style. They walked away with actionable steps and many are putting the material to use, right away. Ruth's session allowed for lots of participation and plenty of Q&A. We'd love to bring her back to present again. " - Adina Magda, Event and Program Coordinator,COSE 2014 Small Business Conference

216378_179774755403790_6142496_n-1Bio: Ruth Schwartz spent 25 years in the music industry: 10 years on the radio, owned a publishing company, a syndicated radio program, producing records, and running a mail order company. In 1983, Ruth started and built a $10 Mil distribution company called Mordam Records. Today, Ruth is an internationally certified, business leadership coach, motivational speaker, and author of the book, The Key to the Golden Handcuffs: Stop Being a Slave to Your Business.  She owns High Performance Advocates, a management and leadership development coaching company and the creator of the Fail Proof Hiring Program

"I am an accordion that can expand and contract great content. 10 minutes, one hour, half and full day workshops both live and virtual. Each can be interactive and work books and materials are available for these and other presentations."Let's talk about your next event. Contact Ruth for more info. 530-802-2075