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Take a Behavior (DISC) and a Motivation (PIAV) assessment, come to the breakout session and I will personally debrief your behaviors and motivators.

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Lead Effectively - Achieve More

Answer these scientifically-designed questions about your preferences and learn what makes you unique.

Identifying the values of individuals, teams and organizations reduces conflicts, increases talent retention, improves efficiency and productivity, and energizes any group working together toward common goals. The benefits include reduced turnover, enormous cost savings and increased satisfaction of stakeholders.

Behavior and Motivation Assessments Make Better Teams

Behavior Assessments, in particular DISC shorten a long learning curve of getting to know each other. This is not a personality test. This is simply an assessment of your preferences that allows people to see what you do naturally, clearly and quickly.

Motivation Assessments, in particular PIAV brings to light what makes you happy. This is an assessment of your passions, interests, attitudes and values. Motivation is an inside job. Bring out the best in yourself and others by understanding internal motivators.

In this presentation you will:

  • Take a reduced rate DISC/PIAV assessment - Debrief as you learn

  • Learn about both assessments, what they mean and how they positively influence your relationships and teams

  • Learn about yourself as you debrief.

  • Learn how to use these assessments to become a better leader and collaborator

There are plenty of assessments on the market. But DISC and PIAV have been around for over 100 years. And with good reason. They are powerful.

  • Dominance

  • Influence

  • Steadiness

  • Compliance

  • Passions

  • Attitudes

  • Interests

  • Values

Schwartz is a PCC certified business leadership coach, motivational speaker, and author. She owns High Performance Advocates, a leadership development company and is trained in multiple assessments. Don't miss her sessions: Behavior and Motivation Assessments Make Better Teams and It is not you! The Hiring Process that is Flawed

Two assessments in one: a $300 value. Get your conference price today.


And Don't Miss - It Is Not YOU! The Hiring Process is Flawed

Put your assessments to spectacular use: Revolutionize the hiring process. Hire the right person in the right job – the first time. Stop the firing cycle and the expense of bad hires.


Session Name: It's not You, It's the Hiring Process That's Flawed
Date and Time: September 4, 2:30pm-3:30pm
Room Assignment: M301

Session Name: Behavior and Motivation Assessments Make Better Teams
Date and Time: September 5, 8:45am-9:45am
Room Assignment: M301

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