What Makes Ruth Different Than Other Coaches and Consultants?

What Her Clients Have Been Able to Achieve

Revenue up  300%.
Net profits increase 10X.
Systems: HR, operational, sales, marketing
Time and energy management and productivity systems
Become accountable for measurable  results.
A working dashboard.
Increased team work, accountability and motivation.
Opened new markets.
Major book deals.
Create effective online and social media initiatives.
Decreased turnover by 400%.
Improved sales strategies.
Exit strategy.
More free time.
Stopped feeling time crunched
Online programs that make money while they sleep.
Accounting and tax preparation strategies.
New vertical revenue streams.

Would hiring the right people help  you get even ONE of these results?

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David Adkins, Director of Subscriber Services, Emerald Data Solutions, eGovLIVE Conference

“We were thrilled to have invited Ruth Schwartz to present two breakout sessions at our recent eGovLIVE Conference, “Its not you. Its the Hiring System that’s Flawed”, and “Behavior Assessments Make Better Teams.” Not only did she have a lot of unique expertise on these topics that our conference attendees resonated with, she was a captivating speaker that connected well. Both sessions allowed for participation and plenty of Q&A. We’d love to bring her back to present again. “



David Adkins, Director of Subscriber Services, Emerald Data Solutions, eGovLIVE Conference
 Shannon Gassaway, Gold Country Roofing

“ I found this to be an impressive hiring tool when I was the applicant, and am looking forward to using it as the Office Manager now that we’re looking to hire. Whether you feel completely inept when it comes to hiring valuable employees, or you’re a seasoned pro at choosing wisely and surrounding yourself with an impeccable work force, I would highly recommend implementing this valuable tool into your hiring process."

Shannon Gassaway, Gold Country Roofing
Christina Hills WebsiteCreationWorkshop.com

“I had had many unsuccessful hiring experiences and I was wary of hiring any more people even though I knew I needed to get good people in place. Not only did I hire someone perfect for me and the job opening, but that person has lasted and grown with my company where others haven’t. I highly recommend using this system and Ruth’s help. I got the correct person in the correct job. Thanks so much Ruth! 

Christina Hills WebsiteCreationWorkshop.com

Background, Training, Expertise

Ruth Schwartz spent 25 years in the music industry,10 years on the radio, owned a  publishing company, a syndicated radio program, produced records,  ran a mail order company and in 1983 started and built a $10 Mil distribution company called Mordam Records.

Today, Ruth is an internationally certified, PCC business leadership coach, motivational speaker, author of the book, The Key to the Golden Handcuffs: Stop Being a Slave to Your Business, the facilitator of Business Mastermind Groups  and trained in behavior and motivation assessments.

She owns High Performance Advocates, a management and leadership development coaching company and the creator of the Fail Proof Hiring System.. She is an enthusiast for working with successful entrepreneurs and business leaders who are tired of task and employee management are ready to create change.

  • An emphasis on creativity, collaboration and communication.
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  • A growing gi-normous tool box.
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