Hire Great Employees Who Help You Grow Your Business


There are no bad employees; there are only good people in the wrong jobs. With this hiring system you will set up everyone for greatness from the beginning.


Curious about whether this will work for you and your business?  We totally understand.  Let’s talk!   530 802-2075 , ruth@highperformanceadvocates.com

The Four Secrets of Hiring WellDiscover how The Fail Proof Hiring System  will immediately improve your team.  Take the tour and you also get this Free Report: “Hire Your Dream Employees:   The Four Secrets of Hiring Well”. 

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Save Time, Money and Your Sanity

Fail Proof Hiring is a “Done for You” Hiring System for organizations who need more employees or want better employees.

This Ain’t your Daddy’s Recruiting System.

Discover a New Way to Hire and End Turnover Turmoil.

 Hiring people who are capable, solve problems and help you run your business is not a daydream. You can make it happen with ease.  But you need a better System.


Is This Your System?

Reading and sorting unqualified resumes.

Calling to set up interviews.

Interviewing unqualified candidates.

Talking to people you don’t want to talk to.

Making a gut decision.


The crazy thing: we hire for skills but we fire for behavior.

The way we hire does not address behavior at all. This may have created a spiral of bad hiring choices. Weed out the people who are definitely NOT right for you and for your job.

Interview the right people and ignore the rest.

Resumes tell us how well an applicant prepares a resume.

Interviews tell us how well someone interviews.

Decisions about hiring are often based on gut instinct not who is the best candidate.


There is a Better Way

Does that sound too good to be true? Even if you already have some great people working with you, we have implemented this system for dozens of companies, saved them time, resources, money, AND  achieved amazing results.


  • The Job Behavior Profile

    Define key accountabilities Define skills needed Define behaviors needed Clarify desired attitudes and values

  • The Automated Hiring Blueprint

    An automated screen where candidates: Follow directions Manage simple software and technology Show the skills necessary for your job

  • Employee Behavior Blueprint

    Use DISC Behavior Assessments to determine if an applicant’s behavior style matches the job benchmarks.

  • Added Benefits:

    Automated Evergreen Pipeline Creator Eliminate Panic Hiring Stop Shopping for Rock Stars

Eliminate the ineffectual process of collecting resumes, attending stressful interviews, and making gut decisions. Instead you will get:

  • Employees who follow directions.
  • Employees who communicate well.
  • The appropriate level of software and technology knowledge.
  • The skills necessary for your job.
  • Determined workers for your company.

“I had had many unsuccessful hiring experiences and I was wary of hiring any more people even though I knew I needed to get good people in place. Not only did I hire someone perfect for me and the job opening, but that person has lasted and grown with my company where others haven’t. I highly recommend using this system and Ruth’s help. I got the correct person in the correct job. Thanks so much Ruth! Christina Hills WebsiteCreationWorkshop.com

“ I found this to be an impressive hiring tool when I was the applicant, and am looking forward to using it as the Office Manager now that we’re looking to hire. Whether you feel completely inept when it comes to hiring valuable employees, or you’re a seasoned pro at choosing wisely and surrounding yourself with an impeccable work force, I would highly recommend implementing this valuable tool into your hiring process.” Shannon Gassaway, Gold Country Roofing

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Curious about whether this will work for you and your business?  We totally understand.  Let’s talk!   530 802-2075 , ruth@highperformanceadvocates.com